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Exclusive VISTAGE Peer
Advisory Groups

VISTAGE is the largest CEO coaching and peer advisory organization for small and mid-size business leaders. This peer-to-peer advisory group is like having a confidential, private advisory board to help troubleshoot problems, vet ideas and identify blind spots. By joining one of our Arizona VISTAGE  groups, you’ll make better decisions, achieve better results, grow your company faster and maximize your impact as a leader.

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is designed to improve your leadership and management performance by developing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, executive-level communication skills and professional presence. Through our leadership training and executive coaching we can help you transform the quality of your professional and personal life while bringing about sustainable behavioral changes.
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Company Culture And Team Building




The Power Of The Predictive Index


The Predictive Index is a scientific, proven methodology that helps you understand what drives your workforce and optimize your talent strategy. It also helps you build effective teams and provides a more comprehensive view of job candidates’ needs, motivation and ability to pick up new concepts. You’ll get a greater insight and understanding about how an individual may fit in a role, contribute to a team and outwardly act day-to-day. Imagine having a team of high-performing ‘A’ Players fully aligned with your vision of success and executing daily at the highest levels possible with full accountability and engagement to achieve amazing outcomes for your organization!

How does it feel? Good, right?

The  Predictive Index Team Discovery Tool can help you develop your very own Dream Team. Learn more by clicking here and setting up a free consultation to learn more.  

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Business Strategy



Performance blueprint by 3 pillars performance group

The 3-Pillars Performance Blueprint

Our Blueprint offering addresses both Culture and Strategy. Imagine having your team of high performers fully aligned with your vision and goals.  Imagine them working together as a cohesive unit with high-energy and focus. Consider the amazing impact on your team, customers and ultimately your bottom line. This proven process creates a roadmap for making decisions, driving execution, allocating resources and adapting to changing circumstances.
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Business Consulting

At 3-Pillars Performance Group we have a network of highly effective business consultants and coaches who can help your company improve in underperforming areas. We help our clients in a wide variety of areas, including sales, marketing, performance management, operations and finance. Every organization needs help from time to time and our experienced team of business coaches and consultants are here to help make you better.

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AI consultant using VR

AI Consulting

AI is changing how customers interact with your company and transforming what they value from products, services and experiences. AI can also transform productivity in your organization. The team of experts at 3-Pillars Performance Group can help you tap into its potential, align with your company’s strategies and manage its risks.

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Exit Planning

Even if you’re not thinking about selling your company right now, you should be running your company in a sale-ready state. At 3-Pillars Performance Group, we can help you clarify your goals and objectives, map out an exit strategy and create an action plan.

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