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“After personally benefiting from 3-Pillars’ coaching, I asked him to provide 1-1 coaching and group coaching for my executive team. After just a few sessions, I began to see a change in my team, the level of collaboration improved, they became more comfortable challenging one another in a professional manner and their level of self-awareness rose. They often note how helpful 3-Pillars has been as they navigate leadership challenges and work on the self-improvement activities necessary to achieve their career goals.”
S.S. Elliott, President and CEO, Vantage West

Troy Jacobson


I am fortunate to have turned my passion into my life's work. My career began as a professional triathlete and business owner in the sports and recreation industry, where I competed in the IRONMAN Hawaii World Championships 8-Times and served as the OFFICIAL Coach of IRONMAN. After 17+  years of managing a leading sports performance enterprise in retail and service, I was recruited to be a national corporate team leader for a large publicly traded company in the health and fitness industry. For 10 years, I managed a team of several hundred people nationwide.

My driving force has always been helping others optimize their personal and professional performance. Today, I continue this mission as an Executive Coach and business consultant. I leverage my unique experience as an entrepreneur and corporate team leader to help clients enhance their performance. As a Certified VISTAGE Chair for nearly five years, I have guided several dozen CEOs and executives toward growth. In my role as an executive coach and leadership trainer, I work closely with high-performing business leaders to foster accountability and self-awareness.

I am passionate about helping companies with leadership alignment, team building, and strategic planning through the 3 Pillars Blueprint System. As a Certified Consultant for The Predictive Index, I utilize scientific behavior data to help individuals uncover blind spots and build high-performing teams.

When I am not working, I love spending time outdoors hiking, target shooting, and competing in 24-hour mountain bike racing events in the solo, single-speed division. I also cherish moments with my incredible daughters and my beautiful partner, Joy, along with her son, on our hobby farm.

Steve Weaver

My career path in the U.S. and abroad includes working for public, private and family-owned companies, in addition to running my own businesses. Being a member of a VISTAGE group contributed to my success, thanks to executive coaching, wisdom, guidance and support from my peers. Now, as a partner at 3-Pillars Performance Group, I am dedicated to helping business owners, CEOs and their teams optimize their businesses and themselves. As a VISTAGE Chair and Executive Coach, I get to give back, helping our peer groups excel. 
A life-long learner, I am constantly honing my craft and expanding my knowledge so I can grow personally and help others on their path to success. As a coach with training and/or certification from Heroic, Positive Intelligence, Working Genus, Strategic Coach, Coach Training Alliance, Sandler and Gartner among others, I bring a broad knowledge base to my Clients. I work with a wide variety of Tucson- and Phoenix-area CEOs, business owners and key executives, helping them become the very best they can be in their business and personal lives. I’m proud to have helped a network of leaders who are living happy, fulfilled lives, doing what they love.
When I’m not working, my wife and I enjoy traveling, following the NFL, reading, watching professional development videos on YouTube, supporting singer-songwriters and enjoying the antics our three crazy French Bulldogs: Hula, Tater and Nacho.


“Steve Weaver has a unique ability to identify with you as a business professional as well as you as a person. That skill set has been incredibly beneficial for me as we’ve successfully worked through multiple opportunities and problems, that I could not have done on my own. Highly recommend.”

John Smalley, Founder, The J. Smalley Group

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emily hunt



Emily Hunt


I am a proud United States Air Force veteran, with a 21-year military career specializing in medical resource management and cross-functional team leadership and development. As Chief of Staff, I act as an advisor to executive-level leaders, helping with strategic planning, decision-making and overall management of key initiatives. I also oversee most administrative and scheduling functions for 3-Pillars.  

Additionally, I often leverage my multi-faceted background to make time, information and decision-making more effective for those I work with. I very much value being part of a team that enhances leaders' ability to merge leadership, culture and strategy into both their professional and personal lives, creating stronger and more resilient business leaders across the Tucson Metro Area.

Having lived all over the world, I am an avid traveler and love exploring new places and faces. I also enjoy scuba diving, hiking or just being out in nature with my dog, playing pickleball and volunteering at both the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and the Tucson Botanical Gardens.



What Our Clients Have To Say About 3-Pillars Performance Group

At 3-Pillars Performance Group, our success has been built on building deep and meaningful connections with our Clients as they work to become better. We’re honored that vast majority of our Clients have been referred to us by the Tucson and Phoenix-area CEOs and business leaders that we work with.


“Executives and owner operators, come find the structure, support, challenge, and community you have been looking for both personally and professionally! Life changing….”

Trey Andrew, Wealth Advisor, Carson Wealth

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