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What Our Clients Have To Say About 3-Pillars Performance Group

At 3-Pillars Performance Group, our success has been built on building deep and meaningful connections with our Clients as they work to become better. We’re honored that vast majority of our Clients have been referred to us by the Tucson and Phoenix-area CEOs and business leaders that we work with.

“Executives and owner operators, come find the structure, support, challenge, and community you have been looking for both personally and professionally! Life changing….”

Trey Andrew, Wealth Advisor, Carson Wealth
“Troy is an incredible leader with an impressive background. Since being under his tutelage, I have evolved personally and professionally by leaps and bounds. 10 stars!”
Alex Cantu, CEO and Co-owner of Arizona Uniform & Apparel
“I have been working with Troy and 3-Pillars Performance Group for the past four months and have enjoyed working with him. Being an entrepreneur, it is important that I have a trusted advisor that I can process my thoughts with and help keep me on task.
It is so easy to get caught up in things that don’t keep the needle moving in the right direction, and I find working with Troy keeps me moving along with less frustration and confusion in my business.”
Danny Sawata, Owner, Tuscan Strength

“Each month, I look forward to my personal coaching session with Troy. He pushes me to be my best and challenges me when I am not meeting goals. He is great at asking questions which encourage reflection and problem solving. His experience as a coach is evident during these sessions."

Carrie DeMont, DeMont Family Swim School

"VISTAGE and 3 Pillars Performance Group have shown me that the first person you lead is you. Great leadership within our company becomes contagious as we grow with 3 Pillars within our business."


Paul Pena, General Manager, Lloyd Construction Company

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“3-Pillars was instrumental in helping our company effectively understand and apply the Predictive Index for individual and team development, as well as hiring and new business development. After establishing a foundation with PI, they continued to provide coaching services on an organizational level, as well as for the leadership team and individual leaders. Their ability to educate, motivate, and organize our team has had a profoundly positive result on both the culture and productivity of our company.

The training materials and content that he prepared for both teams and individuals was impressively customized and relevant. Our team and every member of our staff look forward to their regular interactions with 3-Pillars and they come away feeling even better and more capable.”

Sean Connolly, COO, Castle Connolly Private Health Partners LLC

"Within the relationship with Vistage and 3-Pillars we firmly believe that leadership begins with self-leadership. We translate that to our organization when each member of our team exemplifies strong leadership qualities in their own actions, it ignites a powerful ripple effect throughout. This culture of excellence we have grown with 3-Pillars becomes infectious, inspiring others to step up and lead with confidence and purpose. As we continue to grow together, this collective commitment to leadership becomes the driving force behind our success."

Paul Pena, General Manager of Lloyd Construction Company